Why a REVOLUTION and not an evolution ??

Mobile app payments in Mauritius are not new. While sometimes convenient for the end user, they often have limitations for the merchant:

  • Complex user experience
  • No Real time synchronization nor integration with online business tools
  • Time and Resource consuming for reconciliation

In a collaborative effort MIPS and POP have produced a fully integrated solution, where merchants can now receive payments instantly from any bank whether trading online or in-person, while at the same time remaining automated from end to end without any human intervention on the Merchant side.

This is what we call a revolution.

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The perfect integration for a modern payment solution

Ecommerce Payments

  • Instant and synchronous communication with your website (no manual intervention for reconciliation)
  • Readily Compatible with major website and app technologies
  • Powerful APIs for integration with your hard coded online platform or app
  • Plug and play with your CMS based WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento & Shopify websites

MIPS enabled POP in our QuickPay unique feature

  • Receive online and distant payments without a website
  • Generate secured payment links with customers and payment details
  • Track your payment requests
  • Send them by Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger
  • Get paid by POP

InStore payments with MIPS MyPOS

  • Compatible with both POP and normal Bank Card payments
  • Chip & Pin and Contactless payment options
  • SMS receipts
  • Totally synced with your eShop Light Sale Engine
  • Combine or separate inventory with your eShops website
  • Track in person and online transactions from the same back office
  • Add multiple Stores and Shop managers

Nomad payments

  • Get paid anywhere with the MIPS PayStations
  • Have a look at the video which is self explanatory

Your POP ready made website present on

  • Free eCommerce website (Light Sales Engine)
  • Organic webtraffic through listing on eshops.mu and social media channels
  • Island wide delivery service
  • Integrated payments

You are a Business owner who wants to get paid through the MIPS-POP solution?

You are an Individual who wants to pay with POP?

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