A Payment Orchestrator

MIPS is a pure technology provider, facilitating technical integrations between a merchant digital ecosystem and means of payments providers. Whether you’re a Mauritian eCommerce business or a Mauritian retailer, a smooth offer of integrated feature oriented digital payments with all your merchant ecosystem will help win consumer confidence and reduce your indirect costs.

In Other words MIPS is Orchestrating the musicians playing withing your payment Orchestra.

About MiPS

How to easily understand what MIPS is or is not

MIPS is a 100% technology provider that facilitates technical and administrative relations between banks, financial institutions, payment services providers or payment gateways. MIPS also orchestrates other technical tools used in the merchant's ecosystem to help with their technical integrations.

SINCE its inception in 2015 MIPS has been providing Mauritius with innovative technology, smart automations processes to Orchestrate and ease and user-friendly feature-oriented. MIPS job is to add a smart feature oriented layer over and above the traditional pure technico/financial players so that the payment systems they provide to their merchants can be qualified as an ultimate feature oriented payment ecosystem.

In other words, MIPS goal is to help the merchants to drive more payments through his financial providers by adding feature layers.

MIPS, a proud “Made in Moris” member, was originally established to meet the needs of Mauritian merchants to have a direct and secure way to receive online payments. Successfully answering this call, MIPS has scaled up its operations while remaining proudly driven from Mauritius.

When going into ecommerce, often the merchant has vague keywords in mind and searches for a payment gateway, a web agency, a payment service provider, or a bank. These types of companies are essential into the payment ecosystem of the merchant, but often, they are separate entities that speak with each other with difficulty and up to the merchant to administratively and technologically deal with them. Companies sometimes have big enough teams to cope with these pure financial guys, but it is time and money consuming. Whilst not being a PSP, a payment gateway nor a financial institution, MIPS can however help compagnies by orchestrating their communication and technology layers with these financial players. A math enthusiast would qualify MIPS as a vector of information between transversal players of the Merchant's ecosystem :-)

MIPS comes with smart automation processes to ease relations between the merchant, the end client, the financial institutions, payment gateways, payment processors and PSPs. Let us call them traditional service players. These guys are pure players in their financial domain and they do very well their very specialized job. These guys are essential within the merchant's ecosystem. But the Merchant, the Merchant's providers and themselves are not talking same language. MIPS orchestration is there to help these worlds working together.


Ok, here is an analogy: perhaps you might have heard of Zapier ? Zapier is an API connector of tooooons of separate softwares. MIPS job could be assimilated somehow as a Zapier focused on the payment actors. This is why we qualify ourselves as a payment orchestrator.

Over and above connecting worlds or the merchants, we enhance the traditional players' tools through technology layers, would it be hardware or software.


At MIPS, we know that people are at the center of everything. This is why you often hear MIPS guys and girls expressing themselves. Because we do not believe that technology alone can speak. Orchestring technologies smartly includes talking smartly about technology and their impact. This, is a human job. While MIPS voice is not technology, our advicates are the people, humans in our team, humans among our clients, humans among our partners. Humans are doers. Technology is the tool.

Beyond eCommerce

Today the system goes far beyond ecommerce, as it rolls out next gen payment terminals equipped to facilitate omni-channel payments, that being, Pop, Juice, MyT Money and Blink. Driven by its innovative spirit, MIPS orchestration continues to perform with market disrupting features and products by coordinating, orchestrating through process and technology. MIPS touches almost every line of business.

Connecting Worlds through orchestration

In everything MiPS does it adheres to its baseline, “payment connecting worlds” through a smart orchestration of pure technologico/financial players and developing smart systems that connect merchants, financial institutions, and third-party technology providers around the act of payment. Whether you are a hotel, tour operator, insurer, retailer or a small and upcoming business owner, MIPS has an affordable and simple to set up solution to equip your business to receive digital payments through your financial and technology partners.


Moreover, MiPS launched eShops.mu which enables Mauritians to get their business online with an affordable eCommerce website and integrated payment. It represents an affordable, quick to market eCommerce solution for Mauritian merchants.


MIPS developed technology has enabled a wide range of industries to orchestrate their payment symphony quicker. Whether you're a five star hotel, an insurance group or a budding entrepreneur, MIPS has a tool for you.

Mauritian Merchants Madagascar Seychelles Merchants

Musicians within the Orchestra

A strength of the MIPS platform are the eclectic musicians playing the payment symphony within the Merchant's orchestra. Connecting with financial institutions, other technology providers and business networks allow MIPS to offer accessible, affordable and secure payment orchestration.

Our Regional Presence

With solid roots in Mauritius, MIPS ecommerce solutions has started it's Orchestration technical services to countries in the Indian Ocean and exploring Africa. We remain proudly a 100% Mauritian solution, exporting it's local technical know how to other regions. Our country is perhaps small geographically but huge through our people talents Contact us to see if we are available in your region.

regional presence of mips in Mauritius, Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles and Africa