Digital Payments

Whether you’re an eCommerce business or a retailer, the smooth processing of digital payments will help win consumer confidence. Digital payments essentially make up any payment method that is done digitally. MIPS proudly processes digital payments for both online and customer facing merchants through our Mauritian and African Fintech Ecosystem.

Our Merchants

MIPS developed technology has enabled a wide range of industries to process payments quicker. Whether you're a five star hotel, an insurance group or a budding entrepreneur, MIPS has a tool for you.

Mauritian Merchants Madagascar Seychelles Merchants

Our Partners & Connectivities

The strength of the MIPS platform are our connectivity partners. Connecting with financial institutions, other technology providers and business networks allow MIPS to offer accessible, affordable and secure payment technology.


About MiPS

SINCE its inception in 2015 MiPS has been providing Mauritius with a secure, innovative, and user-friendly feature-oriented payment ecosystem. MIPS, a proud “Made in Moris” member, was originally established to meet the needs of Mauritian merchants to have a direct and secure way to receive online payments. Successfully answering this call, MIPS has ventured with its partners into new regions duplicating and scaling up its operations in Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives and Africa.

Today the system goes far beyond online payments, as it rolls out next gen payment terminals equipped to receive omni-channel payments, that being: bank card, direct bank to bank and mobile wallet payments. Driven by its founding members’ innovative spirit, the payment system continues to be built out with market disrupting features and products. Now, touching almost every line of business the company focuses on ensuring its merchants are able to receive digital payments quicker, safer, and cheaper.

In everything MiPS does it adheres to its baseline, “payment connecting worlds”, developing smart systems that connect merchants, financial institutions, and third-party technology providers around the act of payment. Whether you are a hotel, tour operator, insurer, retailer or a small and upcoming business owner, MIPS has an affordable and simple to set up solution to equip your business to receive digital payments.

Moreover, MiPS launched which enables Mauritians to get their business online with a free eCommerce website, integrated payment and island wide delivery and represents an affordable, quick to market eCommerce solution for Mauritian merchants.

Our Regional Presence

With solid roots in the Mauritian economy, the MIPS Fintech Ecosystem has started expanding its services as a Payment Gateway to countries
in the Indian Ocean and Sub-saharan Africa regions. Contact us to see if we are available in your region.

regional presence of mips payment gateway in Mauritius, Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles and Africa