digital payments payment orchestrator

Whether you’re an eCommerce business or a retailer, our payment orchestrator allows to easily deploy an omni-channel payment solution for your website and your Android App or IOS App. MIPS In APP, allows to easily deploy a secured payment solution within your mobile applications, whether developped on iOS or Android. A selfcare back-office for the follow-up of all transactions is also provided which include functions such as:
•   Live and detailed monitoring of transaction statuses
•   Ability to validate and orchestrate refunds
•   Aggregate of all available payments methods in one interface and generate reports and infographics •   Enable means of payments in an automated and synchronized mode on your app or Website. Such as : Card, Pop, Juice, MyT. Money and Blink

Ecommerce integrations

The user experience is seamless and fluid as there are no redirection to third party websites for payment purposes (fully integrated on your website and your apps). Here is a non-exhaustive list of compatible technologies that MIPS can help orchestrating within your payment ecosystem.